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Huddle Jack

Huddle Jack

The menacing new lure to drive the fish-eaters into a frenzy.

Huddle Jack is one of Fish Arrow’s most advanced creations to date. Our first plastic lure, shaking things up in the world of swim-bait. No degradation of swimming action for super-slow or super-fast retrieves, and does not break the water surface. This stability of action enables the full potential of the huddle tail’s features. 30g weight setting provides for a slow sink after hitting the water. Available in three pearl-series colors, and three flash-series colors with reflective plating in the ghost body, for a total of six. Huddle Jack is your decisive tool to drive the fish-eaters wild.

color variation
001 Silver Ayu 002 Pearl Ayu
003 Blue Back Pearl 004 Flashing Ayu
005 Flashing Wakasagi 006 Flashing Oikawa