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Pop Jack

Pop Jack

The big wood popper you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! Strength honed to perfection on the waters of Lake Biwa.

The broad range of appeal-strength and enticement unique to wood poppers, to stop even the toughest bass in their tracks. “POP Jack” has been fine-tuned through untiring trials on the waters of Lake Biwa. Definitive strong power bait for 60cm-plus catches in no time! This big body is the surface-type “magnum bait” combining impressive appeal strength and flying distance. Strong penetration and soft popping sound can attract the big bass over a wide area and lead them to the surface. The easy neck-swing action and soft landing sound of wood are also effective for reservoirs and rivers.

color variation
#100	Bluegill #111	Blue Shad #112	Champagne Gold
#100 Bluegill #111 Blue Shad #112 Champagne Gold
#128	Super Ayu #133	Peacock #138	Moroko
#128 Super Ayu #133 Peacock #138 Moroko