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“Casting length, sensitivity and handling. The TICT style design specialized for horse mackerel jig fishing.”

40t Toray carbon with high flexibility solid 30t in the tip. Sensitivity to sense the horse mackerel’s suck-in bite combined with sturdiness to bring in even monster-sized horse mackerel and rockfish.
Comes standard with high quality cork grip and adjustable balancer. Ultra-lightweight guide settings. PE line compatible. LDB spec.

Model Length Section Weight Top Dia Butt Dia RigWt Line(MONO) Line(PE)
■TCR-68■ 6'8" 2pcs. 77g(+Balancer:107g) 0.7mm 8.6mm ZERO~7/16oz 1~4lb. #0.1~#0.4
■TCR-74■ 7'4" 2pcs. 85g(+Balancer:115g) 0.7mm 9.3mm ZERO~7/16oz 1~4lb. #0.1~#0.4
■TCR-84■ 8'4" 2pcs. 102g(+Balancer:132g) 0.7mm 9.7mm ZERO~7/16oz 1~4lb. #0.1~#0.4